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Book online and save 20$!

Book online and save $20!

Residential Junk Removal

We’re experts in getting rid of residential junk. We’re here when you need us, and our costs include labor and dumping fees, without any hidden or added expenses. Whether you need a full cleanout or just one item removed, we have you covered.

Commercial Removal Services

Whether you’re looking to get rid of old, outdated office equipment, furniture, appliances, or simply wanting to get rid of excess junk laying around the office, call Music City Removal!

Construction Debris Removal

Who would’ve thought that fixing a place up would cause so much excess debris? We’ll clear out the demolition waste and excess materials and get them out of the way so you can enjoy your space and get the job done on time and under budget. Let us do the dirty work for you.
We pride ourselves on offering affordable junk removal to our valued customers in Greater Nashville.
We base our pricing on the volume that your stuff takes up in the truck, ensuring you’re never charged more than you should be. We offer FREE onsite estimates, sweetening the value. Check out our new online pricing estimator for fast evaluation.
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Sick of looking at that old furniture? Tired of your ex-boyfriend’s broken drum set? If you already know what you need removed – We’re looking at YOU. Snap a picture and text it to (615)480-8396 for a quote faster than you can say “Bye Bye.” Yes, it’s really that simple. You have junk removal needs, we have affordable junk removal services.
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Who we are

Junk movin’ and customer lovin’ junk removal professionals with a passion for helping people clean up their spaces. We’re leaders in Nashville because we’re dedicated to high quality, efficient service. Reliability and affordability set us apart from the rest of those so-called junk lovers out there.

We offer commercial and residential junk and debris removal services, along with demolition and construction debris removal. Our goal is to offer impeccable customer service, with quick estimates and same day service. No job is too big for our eager team of junk hauling professionals.

We know you need this stuff gone like yesterday, but that you also have a budget to stick to. That’s why we offer affordable junk removal service. It’s already taking up space in your home or business, don’t let it rob you of your hard-earned cash, too.

Need an estimate? Ready to stop letting that old stuff pile up and start cleaning up your space?
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Here’s how it works.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment using our online booking tool or give us a call to speak directly to one of our team members. We have seen it all, giving us the ability to estimate most jobs over the phone or via text, but we are always happy to provide a free on-site estimate if needed.

Free estimates

Our professional trained team comes out and provides a free onsite estimate, allowing us to give you an accurate price. Once you give us the ok, we haul your junk away.

Stress free

Once you’ve approved the estimate, we’ll go to work! Our team comes in and removal all junk and debris while being vigilant of your home and personal belongings. Our goal is to get the job done in a timely manner, while maintaining a high standard for quality work.

1. You pick a date and two-hour window.


2. We call you 15 minutes before arrival.


3. If you are satisfied with our estimate, we can usually remove your items right then and there.

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