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Our love for Nashville began in college in December of 2014 when we took a trip to watch our friends play in the Music City Bowl. From the moment we arrived, we knew Nashville would one day be the place we call home. Sure enough, just two years later that dream came true.    

While in school, we worked for a general contractor, FJ Hafner of Hafner Properties, who taught us the ropes of property management. We learned the ins and outs from planning to building. Through our experience we learned the importance of respect and trust while in someone else’s home. One thing that always caught our attention was the amount of junk left behind by tenants and not only the price of removing it but the inconvenience as well.    
We took our skills and experience from Hafner Properties and paired it with our love for Nashville and started Music City Removal. We love this city, its people and the culture and are determined to provide an affordable and customer focused junk removal service that puts YOU first. Our goal is to become the #1 junk removal in Nashville! 

Check out our featured article in the Illinois State University newspaper, The Vidette, by clicking this link!

Frequently Asked Questions

We price based on the volume items take up on the truck, we pack to customers advantage so no space will be wasted! Pricing for construction debris varies- give us a call to get a free onsite estimate for those special jobs. 

We take it to local landfills and recycling centers to be disposed properly.

We donate items that are still in good condition. Let us know if you would like the receipt for your tax write-off!

We can come at your earliest convenience and are willing to come after hours if needed!

Absolutely! The price will be adjusted accordingly.

We cannot take paint, car batteries, medical & hazardous waste, but if you talk to your local county clerks office they will be able to help you find a disposal location near you.

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