Junk Removal Pricing

We pride ourselves on offering affordable junk removal to our valued customers in Greater Nashville. We base our pricing on the volume that your stuff takes up in the truck, ensuring you’re never charged more than you should be. We offer FREE onsite estimates, sweetening the value. The minimum pickup is $110. If you have any questions on our junk removal pricing, we are only a phone call or text away!

Quick Quotes

We know you want to spend your time enjoying Nashville, not worrying about junk removal. That’s why we offer quick quotes. All you have to do is text us a picture of your junk, and you’ll get an immediate quote. So send us a picture of what you need removed and move along with your day! Text us at (615) 480-8396 to get your Quick Quote now!

1/4 Load

Great for just a few items.

1/2 Load

Great for a room or two of furniture.

3/4 Load

Great for multiple rooms and collections of junk.

4/4 Load

Great for garage, attic, property cleanouts or large renovations.

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Music City Removal

Serving greater Nashville, Music City Removal is here to help you take control of junk. We guarantee faster service at a better price.
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