Additional Services

Swing set removal

Swing set removal
Nashville junk removal 
Junk removal near me
Swing set removal Nashville

Whether you recently moved to a new house that came with that old eye sore or your kids have been out of the house for years, let us help remove your swing set so you can make room for new memories. 

Our swing set removal service starts with dismantling and ends with a thorough walk-through making sure your yard is clean and debris free. 

Clear up your backyard view by calling today (615) 480-8396.

Construction site cleanup

Construction site clean up
Nashville junk removal 
Junk removal near me 
Construction Nashvile

Are you a builder, contractor or project manager responsible for keeping the job site clean while staying within budget? If so, our construction site cleanup is an affordable solution. 

We help keep the job site clean and clear walk ways of debris so your crew can hit deadlines without having to run around obstacles. 

Our crew can come after hours to have the job site ready for the next day or work in conjunction with your crew.  We do everything from cleaning up trash or debris, organizing supplies and materials or doing the final sweep.  

Call today to learn more about our construction site clean up (615) 480-8396.

Shed removal

Shed Removal 
Shed Removal Service 
She Removal Nashville
Old Shed Removal 
Shed Removal near me

Have you lived in the same house for years and have an old shed in the back that has been there longer than you can remember? Are you a real estate investor working on a flip looking for an affordable solution to remove that bulky eye sore? Regardless of who you are our shed removal service is an affordable solution.

Our quote includes removal of unwanted items inside, labor and clean up.

Call today and we'll haul that old shed away (615) 480-8396.

Carpet removal

Carpet Removal 
Nashville junk removal service
Nashville carpet removal service
Junk removal near me

Whether you're an investor who recently purchased a property or a homeowner remodeling and putting in new flooring, our carpet removal service will save you time and money. Don't waste time tearing it out on your own just to turn around and pay someone to haul it off. 

Our carpet removal service allows you to sit back and relax while our trained crew does all the work. Our pricing includes labor, hauling and clean up after the job is complete. 

Call today to get your carpet removed (615) 480-8396

Yard waste & brush removal

Nashville brush removal 
Brush removal near me
Junk removal 
Junk removal near me
Nashville Junk

If you recently cleaned your yard and have a pile of brush, leaves or other yard waste you need hauled off, don't look any further. We offer full service removal regardless if it's in piles or spread out around the yard. 

You already did your job, now it's time for us to do ours! 

Call today to schedule your pick up (615) 480-8396