How Decluttering Makes Life Less Stressful

What is clutter? Clutter is anything in your house, car, or storage unit you are keeping around that doesn’t add any value to your life. Decluttering is the exact opposite and is all about making room in your home and workspace for the things that matter.

Why should you declutter? A lot of people like to declutter because it relieves stress by providing a sense of control and accomplishment. For some, getting rid of the junk gives them extra space in the house that wasn’t there prior. Lastly, people may need to clear out their entire home before they move to a new house.

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind! Recent studies have shown that when your work or home area is cluttered, your mind can be distracted. Your stimuli becomes overloaded with all the extra “stuff” going on around you, and for some, this even leads to anxiety. For others, a feeling of guilt and maybe even embarrassment may set in. All this stems from letting junk pile up leaving you stressed, unorganized, and overwhelmed!

Everyone has that one space in their home that’s just gotten out of hand. A closet in the spare bedroom, the office, a crawl space, or even the garage. Stuff just keeps piling up and before you know it you have a disaster on your hands. Instead of worrying about it, call Music City Removal and let us clear it out! Just call, book, and point at what you want gone and our team will take care of the rest.

Step 1: Have a Plan in Place

Before you start, make a plan. No matter how many rooms or how much clutter you have to get rid of, Having specific goals helps create a plan that will reduce any frustration as you go. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started decluttering your home:

  • Make a checklist of all the rooms and you want to clear up.
  • Start one room or one space at a time.
  • Set deadlines for each phase of your cleanup. Pick dates that are attainable to avoid frustration. If you make a declutter challenge for yourself, it may feel a bit more like a game and could motivate you to really finish up.
  • Plan time to work on certain areas when you think cleaning those spots will take longer than a few hours, like a basement, attic, or a garage.
Step 2: Get Rid of the Clutter

You have a few options for disposing of items that make their way out of your home.

  • Recycle: Recyclables, such as glass, plastics and paper can go straight into your recycling bin if you have a weekly service that will pickup. You can also put your recyclables in bags or boxes so you can take the waste to the nearest drop off location that takes recycling.
  • Have a Garage Sale: If you’re up to the task, you may be able to make a little money off your clutter by having a garage sale. Check to see if your neighborhood or homeowner’s association has a designated garage sale date. Just make sure you begin your declutter process early enough so you can participate.
  • Have a Junk Removal Company Do it For You: This is an affordable, stress-free option, especially if you have a lot to get rid of or larger household items you’re throwing away. We can offer either service that meets your needs. We deliver the dumpster to your home or business, you fill it and we haul it off. Renting a dumpster is cheaper than you might expect, the cost may be more than you’re willing to spend. See if you have a neighbor or two who will split the dumpster rental with you to lower the cost. Just make sure everyone follows the terms and conditions. If you would like onsite removal and have a crew handle everything, then calling the removal service would be an even easier option as they handle everything and you are simply there to supervise on what is going and what is staying!
Step 3: Relax!

After a long period of planning and finally conquering what you have dreaded for too long, its time to exhale! What seemed like a daunting task at first is no longer lingering in the back of your head! Go out and celebrate!

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