Junk-free Property = Happy Tenants!

It happens all the time. A tenant moves out and doesn’t know what to do with an old mattress they’re not bringing with them. So now what do they do? Well some will call a junk removal service like us and we would come remove anything they don’t want. But the majority of the time it goes like this; late in the evening when there isn’t a lot of traffic, they drop it right next to the dumpster. Now whose problem is it? The property managers.

In the super competitive leasing market of Nashville, the last thing you want a potential tenant to see is a pile of junk sitting next to the dumpster. Waste management and other trash removal services will not take bulk items, and they may even skip over the dumpster that they are picking up because the bulk items are in the way. They’ll even fine you for something like this!

So what can you do to prevent this? Music City Removal has been partnering with property managers to attack the problem at the source. By offering literature to give tenants with their move out packets, we are able to cut down on the amount of illegally dumped items near dumpsters. Flyers and door hangers to put on all units are two items we offer that have been successful in decreasing the number of illegal dumps. This allows property managers and their maintenance teams to focus on things that matter, like keeping current tenants happy and signing new leases.

If for some reason this route does not work and the tenant ignores all requests not to illegally dump, Music City Removal offers on-demand pick ups 7 days a week to keep your property clear of junk. We know property managers have tight budgets and increasingly busy schedules, making junk less of a priority. However, by teaming with Music City Removal we will work with you to stop the problem at its source, keeping your budget down and schedule clear. Call Music City Removal today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can keep your property junk free!

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